Our Secrets

menu_holderLocali’s secret lies in the simplicity of 3 key components: the dough, the cheese, the tomato and the sauce. Each one of these have simple and yet beautiful ingredients and we are not afraid to share our secrets!

The Pizza Dough:

Organic “00” Flour + Spring Water + Sea Salt + Organic Yeast

The Cheese

Fiore de latte (“the flower of the milk” ) + The Freshest of Mozzarella (made from fresh milk, of course)

The Tomato

Nothing but San Marzano Tomatoes grown from rich soil under Mt. Vesuvius, are used here. They are famous because of their rich flesh are bright red color and bitter-sweet taste which yields low acidity. Besides the their distinctive taste and color – the methods used to cultivate them are both alluring and romantic as the they are hand picked at harvest using the centuries old traditional cultivation methods.